here we are....


so it's come down to the day before the last show at mini dutch. I cannot even begin to describe what I'm feeling now. I'm so unbelievably sad about closing the space, but hopeful that this is a step closer to owning a space outside of my living space. 

The show looks great (so far). It makes me proud that we have collected so much work from chicago based artists (and one canadian that we meet at threewalls). This town in bustling with great artists, and I get to leave holding on to some special pieces.

Come by tomorrow and celebrate with us- come see all of this work that will be taken out of chicago (and hopefully shown in los angeles). If you haven't seen the gallery- this is your last chance. If you have seen the gallery- come and see it once last time. And, I will be leaving town the end of august: there really isn't much time to see me- so come and say goodbye to me too.

Thank you for all of your support.



the end 

It is with a heavy heart that I present the end of mini dutch. Due to some family health issues, I will be leaving Chicago and moving to Los Angeles at the end of summer. It has been very challenging for me to come to this desicision, but in the end, I know that I need to be with my family during this difficult time.

I love Chicago, and I love what this city has given me: an amazingly supportive art community and the opportunity to run mini dutch. I am so saddened to leave all of this behind— I hope that I may find a fraction of Chicago’s comradely spirit.

I want to thank everyone for being so supportive in this endeavor. These past two years have been amazing. The knowledge gained from this small curatorial project has been tremendous. I can only hope that these experiences will lead me into solid future projects. If you have not been to mini dutch this is your last chance, and if you have been to mini dutch, please come back one last time, to say goodbye.

mini dutch will end with two more shows: the first is Caroline Picard’s Twilight of the Vanities. It opens this Saturday, May 30th and will run until June 28th. mini dutch’s last show will be a collection show: a one night only event on Saturday, July 11th. I hope to see everyone there. Also, My Turn is in process right now at Hyde Park Art Center’s Artist Run Chicago until July 5th.

With love, always,
Lucia Fabio
Director of mini dutch gallery


bbq & bike tour this weekend

Hey all!

So, it's time for the Hyde Park Art Center's Artist Run Chicago bike tour!

Here's the map.

Print it out and follow it- the day will end at mini dutch with a bbq. I will have some food here to grill (veggie kabobs, corn -spicy and non spicy- brauts, chicken wings and fruit salad) for a $3 donation, but feel free to bring food to grill and drinks to consume. There is a grocery store near by. Look at this map for some hints! NOTE: do NOT lock your bike to our neighbors fence. They have complained and have threatened to call the police to have it cut off. Instead, lock it to our fence, to our stairwell railing, we will have a bike rack inbetween the buildings; bring them into the back yard, find a pole, go across the strees, etc.

View mini dutch bbq in a larger map


After you're nice and full, head over to FLAT (an apartment gallery) and attend their opening!


mini fair and food- life is good

So the mini fair was blogged about at bad at sports. Check it out to view some pictures of the show

Also-- this sunday there is a Walk-In Pantry event from 1-4pm

Jennifer Breckner is presenting some cheap eats, menu including:

Menu includes:
Tuscan kale chips
Cucumber Onion Salad
White beans with tomato ragu
Garlic broth with lavender
Brownies with flambéed bananas
*vegetarian menu with some vegan items

$3 suggested donation

 There is also a clothing swap being held at the same time- bring your unwanted clothes and leave with stuff you want. All extra clothing will be donated.


openings and such


mini fair

Opening Saturday, May 10th from 7-10pm


And the next day...


The opening of Artist Run Chicago at the Hyde Park Art Center

Sunday, May 11th from 3-5pm

mini dutch has a project called My Turn!